Management & Leadership

LISD specialises in short business management courses between 2 days and 1 week in length. At LISD, our primary objective is to help develop the skills of delegates to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organisation. Our training courses cover virtually all aspects of management, including Strategic Management, Managerial Skills, Operations Management, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales and English Communication.

We also specialise in Technology Trainings. Our courses have been designed to provide the very best training for staff of all levels – from junior personnel, to senior managers, to directors of organisations. Courses are delivered in London (UK), Dubai, Istanbul OR at the Institution / Organization the participants belong to.

Code Duration Course Name Button
ML 1 3 days Cutting-edge Leadership and Building Successful Teams – Develop the skills that will make you a truly effective leader. Build a more successful team: motivate and inspire your people: Grow professionally
ML 2 2 days Effective Communication and Inspirational Presentations – Transform yourself into a really effective speaker
ML 3 2 days Effective Managerial Skills – Five steps to help you bring out the best in employees through constructive and productive management
ML 4 2 days Strategic Planning – Develop strategic planning tools to help you create a winning corporate strategy
ML 5 1 week Advanced Strategic Management – Enhance your organisation’s strategy to be relevant, comprehensive and effective in creating a roadmap for excellence
ML 6 3 days Formulating Corporate Strategy – Drive strategic change
ML 7 3 days Masterclass in Business Administration – Develop the basic Knowledge & skills of an MBA graduate – A taster tend to enhance your career
ML 8 1 week Advanced Masterclass in Business Administration – Develop the skills, knowledge and attitude of an MBA graduate in just one week of intense learning
ML 9 2 Days Coaching and Mentoring – Be a professional Coach. Enhance your career prospects. Coach people to greater success with this easy-to-learn coaching format
ML 10 3 Days Become an EPCA Accredited Trainer in Leadership and Management