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Science & Technology Conferences

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Non-stop series of Science & Technology Research Conferences, Meetings & Workshops organized by London Institute of Skills Development (LISD), U.K.

Our proceedings are also available in Bodleian Library University of Oxford, The Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales, Trinity College Dublin and The British Library.

Signature Programmes

Management & Leadership

Supply Chain & Operations

Finance & Accounts

Soft Skills

Human Resource Management


Marketing & Sales

English Communication


Data Sciences

Online Courses

Effective Managerial Skills

Formulation of Corporate Strategy

Professional Coaching

Project Management

Finance Management

Human Resource Management

Marketing & Communications

Employee Engagement

SMART Goals & Strategic Thinking

Leadership & Decision making

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Advance Digital Marketing

Education & Training Level 1

Education & Training -Level 2

Mini MBA & Diploma

Diploma in Business & Management

Diploma in Corporate Leadership

Diploma in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Diploma in HRM

  • How to Participate ?

    Steps to Follow
    1. Submit your Abstract (online conference webpage)
    2. Wait for the Feedback by the Research Review Board
    3. (In case of acceptance) Receive Acceptance Letter via email
    4. Pay the Online Registration Fee
    5. Receive VISA support letter (If required)
    6. Prepare to attend the Conference

    1. Email your CV
    2. (On acceptance) Receive Acceptance email
    3. Register Online
    4. Prepare to participate

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