Regional Partners

Positioned in the Lyon, France, DMA Gestion Pro supports the development of very small businesses, SMEs, entrepreneurs, artisans, freelancers and associations. Generally, time-consuming day-to-day management activities particularly impact these human-sized structures. They slow down their productivity and growth.

TTESOLers is a platform for ELT Professionals and Language Learners.Our vision is to empower people, so we strive to excel as a training service provider. We specialize in Language Learning Courses, Teacher Training Programs, and Testing and Assessment Services. Our approach to language teaching and training is internationally recognized and locally applicable. Our TESOLers use target language only, set a proper atmosphere, exemplify rather than explain, and have a variety of teaching tips and techniques.

EduDam is an Egypt-based company with an international vision. It provides teaching and learning services in Saudi Arabia also, The Corporation has been founding and supplying the highest quality education and training solutions in the region. We believe every person is made to excel once their hidden potentials are explored and demonstrated. This can be realistically achieved through enlightening training programs and educational services which are professionally designed and internationally recognized to satisfyour clients’ endeavours and aspirations. EduDam offers CPD certifications from London Institute of Skills Development, U.K.

“Wonder Works Academy” of Language Training – Professional Training – Personal Development, Algeris, Algeria. Founded in 2019, the academy is distinguished by the generosity of information and the time devoted to the practice of each training. We offer “à la carte” courses, on site or in the premises and the number of participants are limited to 12, thus offering personalized teaching and an atmosphere conducive to communication. Several Excursions, Our Language Camps and Educational Events are scheduled throughout the year. Wonder Works partnering with London Institute of Skills Development (U.K) offers certifications and diploma / training workshops in the area of Management, Administration, Tourism, Digital, Art , IT and computing and Languages at their campus in Algeris, Algeria.