Management Course

ML.1 Cutting Edge Leadership Skills

ML.1: Cutting-Edge Leadership Skills


Course Code:ML-1
Subject:Cutting-Edge Leadership Skills
Course Fee:GBP 595
Duration:3 Days
Venue:University of Oxford, UK
Course Code:ML-1
Subject:Cutting-Edge Leadership Skills
Course Fee:GBP 395
Duration:3 Days
Venue:American College, Dubai
Course Code:ML-1
Subject:Cutting-Edge Leadership Skills
Course Fee:GBP 595
Duration:3 Days
Venue:London School of Economics, UK


This 3 days programme is an LISD Certified programme.  On completion of this course, you will be able to practice as an accredited and certified Management Leader.

The combination of the two will give you Approval status to deliver Leadership training and Management qualifications. Through this EPCA accredited Cutting-Edge Leadership Programme, you can develop your skills and experience a winning career.

Who should attend?

  • Managers who would like to be an LISD Certified Management Leaders
  • Heads of Department
  • Senior Managers
  • Fresh Graduates
  • MBA students
  • Keen learners to Target a Promising Position in a reputable organization

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Management and Leadership Theories
  • Thinking like a ‘Leader’
  • Developing and Leading Teams to achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives
  • Managing Improvement
  • Strategic thinking
  • Building winning Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Result Orientation

Course Content

Assessing your own leadership capability and performance

  • Understanding leadership styles within an organisation
  • Leadership theories and leadership styles
  • The key responsibilities of a leader
  • Review effectiveness of own leadership capability and performance
  • Adapting your leadership style
  • The concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Supporting others – coaching and mentoring

Developing and Leading Teams

  • Understand the importance of leading team to achieve organisational goals
  • Processes of delegation and empowerment
  • Balanced Scorecard, Quality Initiatives
  • Feedback, recognition and reward

Managing Improvement

  • Understand the effectiveness of the organisation & ability to manage & improve quality to meet customer requirements
  • Be able to plan and implement projects to meet customer requirement
  • Andragogical Versus Pedagogical Model
  • Understating how people learn
  • Learning styles
  • Application of skill learning principles

Building Winning Teams

  • Trainer characteristics and competencies
  • Training style
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Learner-centred Versus Information-centred
  • The changing training environment
  • Cooperative learning
  • Creating an active-learning environment
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Action learnings
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Presentation skills
  • Ways to encourage teams