Finance & Accounts

CodeDurationCourse NameButton
F/A.14 daysFinancial Development for Non-Financial Managers – Develop your financial skills so that you can understand the financial picture
F/A.23 WeeksReporting and Budgeting (Level 1) – Improve your effectiveness in the management of finances in your organisation or department
F/A.34 daysReporting and Budgeting (Level 2)
F/A.41 WeekAdvanced Financial Analysis – Increase your strategic and financial inputs. hether you are an investor, manager or executive you will learn how to assess organisations and make better financial judgements
F/A.54 daysCorporate Finance – Improve strategic and financial decision-making skills
F/A.64 daysAdvanced Compliance Toolkit – The classics of staying compliant while maximising profits
F/A.74 daysFinancial Crime Prevention – Prevention and control of financial crime in the era of digitisation
F/A.84 daysFinancial Compliance – Systematic and holistic financial crime compliance
F/A.93 DaysInternal Auditing – Level 1 – Introduce a level of professionalism into auditing
F/A.103 DaysInternal Auditing – Level 2 – Develop advanced risk-based techniques and compliance auditing
F/A.113 DaysInternal Auditing – Level 3 – Enhance the specialist and advisory role of the internal auditor
F/A.124 DaysStrategic Internal Auditing – Enhance internal audit’s strategic role to improve business performance
F/A.134 DaysAdvanced Strategic Internal Auditing – Build and develop an internal audit unit to act effectively as a third line of defence in reducing risks and in the ethical management of organisations
F/A.144 DaysCorporate Governance for Financial Institutions – Fully understand, and be able to apply, international standards of governance and compliance
F/A.154 DaysInternal Controls for Financial Institutions – Minimise operational risks and ensure compliance through appropriate processes and controls
F/A.163 DaysFinancial Risk Management – Take a modern approach to mitigating the financial risks your organisation is exposed to
F/A.174 DaysFinancial Modelling – Build financial models to assist in information collation, analysis and decision-making
F/A.184 DaysFinancial Sector Regulatory Compliance – Lift Compliance in Your Financial Institution to an International Level
F/A.194 DaysAnti-Money Laundering (AML)