Accreditation For UK Centers

U.K Centers Affiliation With London Institute of Skills Development (LISD)


London Institute of Skills Development (LISD) is Internationally recognised as an elite professional body, uniquely focused on serving the needs of Professionals to grow in career. We are a globally recognised brand with a membership presence on every continent, and we pride ourselves on supporting and developing those who are responsible for the management and delivery of people development activities.

Our aim is to position Continuing Professional Development at the heart of organisations where they can drive improved performance, deliver business strategy and increase workforce capacity.

Our slogan is “Career at its Best”. This demands that we not only focus on the macro needs of making CPD relevant but also devoting ourselves to enabling individuals to be the best they possibly can be. To this end we have developed a Professional Development Framework.

Its structure is both simple and flexible, and it provides a variety of pathways for CPD to professional in order to progress their capability in navigating the current complexity of the world of learning. Our qualifications are universally recognised as a benchmark for professionalism, they present the opportunity for progression from Foundation to Advance Level of professional growth.

It is our aim to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our Licensed Centres, this will help to enhance the learning experience and try to ensure that students are fully utilising the benefits of LISD membership. Thank you for choosing LISD as your strategic partner !

Perks & Benefits of LISD Licensed Centers:

  • Your logo/URL on our website
  • Your Promotion along with our promotion drives
  • We display a brief ppt show before each of our open enrollment programmes at High-profiled universities

3 Steps to be a U.K Delivery Centre for LISD Qualifications

The process for becoming a U.K Center for LISD Qualifications is very simple and great value for money!  Simply fill in the attached application form and return it to us. We verify the details you have provided and if everything is in order, we get back to you with an invoice. When we receive the payment, we send you a Course Design Guide, you need to start delivering qualifications on behalf of LISD.

  • Step 1: £695 for three- year license.
  • Step 2: Only purchase the qualifications you want to deliver. £295 for each Certificate Qualification. (Valid for 3 years; renewable options are always there)
  • Step 3: £39 per head for student registration and certification.

(All students must be registered and fees paid before commencement of the qualification)

Choose as many as LISD Classroom/ Inhouse Certifications (provided at to deliver at your Institute/ University: You will Declare the Programme as ‘LISD Licensed Center’.


  1. Unlimited use of the License: No restriction on the number of learners and no hidden costs. Once you’ve paid – you’ve paid !
  2. Simple drafted agreement: No complicated legal documents, just a simple transparent couple of paragraphs outlining our individual responsibilities;
  3. No monitoring visits: We refuse to play ‘Quality Charades’ – Complimentary visits on invite and your teaching quality feedback is enough to observe
  4. No trainer ‘Down-Time’: No non-productive hours for your trainer, or extra expense for you, no paper trails for you to worry about.
  5. Quick certification response: LISD guarantee a 7 working day turn-around from the date of certificate request;
  1. Nationwide Coverage: There are no geographical boundaries attached to the license, you may offer the qualification nationally (U.K) as you wish.
  1. Incredibly Inexpensive: Start your Venture with Only £990 in total
  • £695 for three- year license.
    Only purchase the qualifications you want to deliver.
  • £295 for each Certificate Qualification. (Valid for 3 years; renewable options are always there)
  • £39 per head for student registration and certification.
  1. Last not the least … our market share and our high-profile, well-acclaimed open registration workshops are always there to add a feather in your cap through your affiliation with LISD

U.K Centers Affiliation/Accreditation with London Institute of Skills Development (LISD)

StepsFeeApply Here
Step 1: LISD License Fee for three- year licenseGBP 695Click Here
Step 2: Each Certificate Qualification. (Validity: 3 years)
(P.S: Click, fill up the title of the qualification you want to deliver)
GBP 295Click Here
Step 3: LISD Fee per Student registration and certificationGBP 39Click Here