Mini-MBA Programme

Number of required courses Duration Fee Access
6 3 hours per course No additional cost Receive the Document/Diploma automatically upon completion of required courses

About this program

This Mini-MBA is focused on developing your business skills. It is an online fast-track program that covers all core areas of general business management. The Mini-MBA is a quick and cost-effective way to reach your next career goal and boost your employment profile. It compresses the most important aspects of traditional management studies into six exciting and affordable online courses.

The Mini-MBA is designed for

  • People who want to get a foundational understanding of the world of business and lay the perfect foundation for their career path.
  • Managers who want to become knowledgeable in a variety of business-related areas in order to advance in their careers.
  • People who want to get the core insights of a MBA-style education in an accelerated and affordable manner.

There are six courses in this program:

Key benefits of the Mini-MBA

  • Develop in-demand business skills
  • Save time and money
  • Increase the value of your CV

Acquire the ultimate business-skillset

This Mini-MBA program will provide you with a robust set of core business skills, essential tools, and a foundational 360-degree understanding of management principles.

The curriculum and content of this Mini-MBA were carefully developed by management experts who know which skills really matter to succeed in today’s complex business world.

Case studies and business examples

The courses of the Mini-MBA program feature various case studies and business examples of some of the largest and most innovative companies around the world. These case studies and examples summarize the key takeaways of each course.

How to get your Mini-MBA certificate

Simply enroll in the individual courses that are part of this program. When you successfully complete all required courses you will be able to download the Mini-MBA Diploma without any additional charges or fees. The courses can be taken individually and without any particular order.

Frequently asked questions

How do i enroll in this program?

Simply enroll in the individual courses that are part of this program. When you successfully complete all required courses you will be able to download your Mini-MBA certificate

How much does this program cost?

To receive the Mini-MBA certificate you need to enroll in the individual courses. The fee is currently USD 24.95 per course.

Which certificate will I receive?

You will receive:

  • the course certificates of the individual courses
  • a Mini-MBA certificate (once all required courses have been completed)

You will receive all certificates as a digital files (PDF).

What is the value of the Mini-MBA certificate?

The International Business Management Institute (IBMI) holds its distance learning programs to the same high standards that are held by traditional educational institutions. This program certificate is therefore highly recognized and accepted by many employers around the world. Please note that we do not award academic titles or degrees. However, most organizations do recognize this certificate as a valid professional certificate.

This certificate will give you the tools to excel in the industry. We highly encourage you to share your Mini-MBA certificate on your LinkedIn page and resume to demonstrate your accomplishments and highlight your knowledge.

Where can I find my Mini-MBA certificate?

Upon completion of all require courses go to “My Account” > “My Programs“. You can find and download your Mini-MBA certificate there.

Earn 6 individual Certificates and 1 Mini-MBA on the Successful Completion of these 8 Certificate Courses

Code Duration Course Name Button
OL 4 3 hours (self paced) Project Management
OL 5 2.5 hours (self paced) Finance Management for Non-Finance Executives
OL 6 3 hours (self paced) Human Resource Management
OL 7 2.5 hours (self paced) Marketing Communications
OL 9 2.5 hours (self paced) SMART Goals & Strategic Thinking
OL 10 3 hours (self-paced) Leadership & Decision making
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