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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

This course is part of the Mini-MBA and Diploma in Business & Management


Online course


3.5  hours (self-paced)




Introductory to Advance


Who should attend?

  • Keen learners to Target a Promising Position in a reputable organization

Learning Objectives

  • To survive and thrive in a competitive business environment,
  • To design strategic plans for organizational development
  • To manage and develop right talent to implement those plans.
  • To identify, recruit, hire and retain employees who have both the skill sets and determination to effectively implement strategic objectives in their individual departments so the business plan succeeds as a whole.

Course Content

Concept of Human Resources and the Business Model

Ways to leverage human resources to support the organization’s mission


  • Skills for strategy development and strategy implementation
  • Techniques for delivering high-performance work systems
  • The impact HR management has on a company’s balanced scorecard
  • How the economy, workforce characteristics and ethics affect company sustainability

Module 2: Employee Recruitment and Selection

  • Best practices for analyzing workflow processes and organizational structure
  • Recruitment practices companies use to make job vacancies more appealing
  • Ways to determine labor demand and eliminate labor shortages and labor surpluses
  • Factors and regulations that affect personnel selection and assessment

Module 3: Employee Development and Retention

  • The impact employee development can have on a company’s intellectual capital and business growth
  • Ways to shape job experiences and development programs to promote retention
  • Strategies for handling progressive discipline, dismissal, glass ceilings and job withdrawal
  • The use of survey feedback intervention programs to avoid losing key personnel
  • How to capitalize on turnover and succession planning as competitive advantages

Module 4: Performance & Compensation Planning and Management

  • How to connect training initiatives to business strategy
  • The pros and cons of using various types of employee training techniques
  • Ways to maximize learning outcomes and evaluate training effectiveness
  • The process of identifying and implementing effective performance management programs

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