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    • Dr. (H.C) Yap Han Seong
      Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration

      Yap Han Seong, with a career spanning nearly three decades, has established himself as a notable figure in business and hotel management. As the Chief Executive Officer of Factory Development, Mr. Yap has been instrumental in steering the company towards operational excellence and significant growth. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business and hotel management from Lincoln University, which has played a critical role in shaping his professional path.

      In his role as CEO, Mr. Yap has excelled in aligning the company’s team with its strategic vision, streamlining operations, and implementing efficient processes that have substantially reduced operational costs. His diplomatic skills and ability to forge strong, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, partners, and clients have been key to the company’s success. Mr. Yap’s leadership has ensured the timely and budget-compliant completion of numerous company projects, maintaining the highest standards of quality.

      A firm believer in mentorship, Mr. Yap has created a work environment at Factory Development that emphasizes continuous learning and development. His guidance and sharing of knowledge and experience have nurtured a dynamic, high-performing team capable of facing industry challenges.

      Mr. Yap’s academic achievements at Lincoln University, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in business and hotel management, have been pivotal in his career. His engagement with the curriculum and application of theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios have been hallmarks of his professional journey.

      In terms of skills, Mr. Yap excels in strategic planning and execution, setting clear objectives, and leading his team towards achieving them. His leadership and team management style is inclusive and empowering, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. He has a keen focus on operational efficiency, leading to cost reductions and streamlined processes that enhance organizational efficiency. His stakeholder management skills have been vital in creating and maintaining strong partnerships, aligning all parties with the company’s objectives.

      Mr. Yap has a proven track record in project management, ensuring all projects are delivered on time and meet the required quality standards. His innovative approach to business development has identified and capitalized on new opportunities, contributing to the company’s growth and success. With a strong background in hotel management, Mr. Yap brings valuable knowledge and experience to the company’s ventures in this sector.

      In summary, Yap Han Seong is a seasoned and highly skilled professional in business and hotel management, whose transformative leadership at Factory Development has led to significant organizational growth and operational efficiency. His commitment to excellence, combined with his extensive experience and academic background, positions him as a valuable asset in any organization. As he continues his journey in professional development and education, Mr. Yap is poised to make further significant contributions to the industry.

    • Dr. Tan Wei Xin
      Honorary Doctorate in Strategic Leadership

      Dr. Tan Wei Xin is a dynamic and innovative leader in Malaysia’s real estate sector, particularly recognized for his achievements in the Penang property scene. With an impressive educational background and a visionary approach, Dr. Tan has made significant strides in transforming real estate development and investment management.

      As the Director of ZNEN Group Holding Sdn Bhd, Dr. Tan successfully navigated the company through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving a notable 100% sales rate for the Metropol development project. His leadership in real estate development is further exemplified by his involvement in key projects like Grains Residences and Metropol serviced apartments. Grains Residences, notably Bukit Mertajam’s tallest building, has seen full bookings for its shop units under his guidance.

      Dr. Tan has been proactive in forging strategic collaborations, partnering with Madearns Sdn Bhd and eBox Group to integrate real estate with technology. These alliances aim to revolutionize property dealings through a blockchain-based platform, demonstrating Dr. Tan’s forward-thinking and innovative mindset.

      Dr. Tan’s academic achievements include a bachelor’s degree in business from Swinburne University of Technology, a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance from Monash University, Australia, and a Doctor of Business Administration from the European International University in Paris. His educational journey has significantly contributed to his unique perspective and expertise in the business and financial aspects of real estate.

      His philosophy and vision are deeply influenced by his experiences in Melbourne, recognized as one of the world’s most liveable cities. This exposure has inspired him to blend construction with lifestyle, transforming buildings into artistic and liveable spaces. Dr. Tan envisions Penang as a global hub for comfortable living, emphasizing the need for adaptability and evolution in real estate to align with the demands of the ‘New Normal’ era.

      On a personal front, Dr. Tan’s life is enriched by his family. He met his wife, Yan Chen, during his academic tenure in Melbourne, and they are now parents to three children. Together, they share a vision of creating contemporary, artistic living spaces in Penang that embody warmth, comfort, and modernity.

      Dr. Tan’s contributions to real estate have been acknowledged through various awards, including the InPenang Emerging Entrepreneur Award, Penang Power 100, and the Top 50 Below 50 Award. These accolades reflect his commitment, expertise, and innovative approach to real estate development.

      In summary, Dr. Tan Wei Xin stands as a figure of strategic acumen and innovation in the Malaysian real estate industry. His achievements in real estate development, combined with his educational background and visionary approach, have not only redefined the real estate landscape in Malaysia but are also setting new benchmarks globally. His journey is a testament to his ability to blend business savvy with a progressive mindset, making significant impacts in the industry.

    • Dr. (H.C) Nam Huey Fen
      Honorary Doctorate in Food Sciences & Technology

      Nam Huey Fen is a distinguished figure in the field of food science and technology, renowned for her significant contributions to advancing food safety and quality standards in the industry. Her dedication and commitment to enhancing food safety practices make her an outstanding candidate for an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Oxford.

      Born on November 16, 1985, in Malaysia, Mrs. Nam has demonstrated exceptional skill in merging theoretical knowledge with practical application throughout her career. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in food service technology from the Management and Science University, achieving academic excellence with numerous accolades including the Academic Award in 2011 and Dean’s List recognitions in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

      Mrs. Nam commenced her professional journey at Kami Food Services Sdn Bhd as a technical executive, where she verified quality control records, conducted food sampling and analysis, and ensured compliance with ISO 22000 standards. Her meticulous attention to detail and adherence to high food safety standards laid a strong foundation for her future roles in the industry.

      In November 2011, Mrs. Nam joined Genting Malaysia Berhad as a Food Safety Officer. In this role, she was responsible for maintaining food safety certification for six hotels, conducting bi-monthly inspections, lab analysis on food samples, guiding industrial trainees, conducting supplier audits, and leading training on Food Safety Management System (FSMS) SOPs and documentation. Her tenure at Genting Malaysia Berhad highlighted her thorough approach to food safety and her capability to manage and lead food safety initiatives.

      In September 2014, Mrs. Nam embraced a freelance role as a Food Hygiene and Safety Coach, continuing her advocacy for food safety. She conducted Food Handler Courses certified by the Ministry of Health, led HACCP awareness training, and managed HACCP implementation and certification projects in the food service and catering sectors.

      March 2015 saw Mrs. Nam joining 88 Food Studio as a Food Safety Consultant. Her responsibilities included managing HACCP implementation and certification projects, supporting the maintenance of food safety certification, and conducting handler courses. Her innovative approach to food safety and project management skills have significantly contributed to her success in this role.

      As of June 2022, Mrs. Nam serves as the General Manager at 1 OMP Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd. In this role, she manages resources for daily operations, oversees financial and human resources administration, and ensures adherence to the highest standards of quality control. Her leadership and technical expertise are key drivers behind the company’s success.

      Throughout her career, Mrs. Nam has honed her skills in standardizing food production processes, conducting risk analysis, and managing administration and reporting. She has continually enhanced her expertise through professional development courses, including Food Safety Training for Auditors under the ACB-GMP Scheme and Train the Trainer.

      In summary, Mrs. Nam Huey Fen’s professional trajectory exemplifies her mastery, dedication, and leadership in food science and technology. Her significant contributions to food safety standards and her commitment to ongoing professional development establish her as a deserving candidate for an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Oxford. Her rich experience and achievements underscore her suitability for this esteemed recognition.

    • Dr. (H.C) Matt Ng
      Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration

      Matt Ng is a highly regarded figure in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, known for his innovative approach to branding and culinary expertise. With a career defined by passion and a commitment to excellence, he has become a pivotal brand consultant and mentor for restaurant owners. His practical experience and in-depth understanding of the F&B sector enable him to rejuvenate existing brands, making them relevant to current trends and consumer preferences. Matt’s work often involves transforming menus by introducing innovative dishes that not only appeal to the taste buds but also contribute to a memorable dining experience.

      As a brand consultant, Matt extends his expertise beyond culinary aspects, assisting restaurant owners with the complexities of F&B marketing. He recognizes that a restaurant’s brand encompasses the entire customer experience, including ambiance, service, presentation, and taste. Matt’s branding prowess also extends to food manufacturing, where he excels in introducing and positioning new brands in a competitive market. His strategies involve a thorough analysis of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes, ensuring success for the brands he collaborates with.

      What distinguishes Matt is his genuine passion for the F&B industry and his dedication to the success of the businesses he partners with. He acts not only as a consultant but also as a mentor, guiding restaurant owners through challenges and capitalizing on opportunities. His innovative ideas, strategic mindset, and deep industry knowledge are invaluable to any F&B venture.

      Beyond his role in branding and consulting, Matt Ng is an exemplary leader, known for his ability to nurture and inspire his teams. His commitment to staff development is evident in his transformative training programs, which foster a culture of continuous learning. Matt’s recruitment policies are both strategic and inclusive, focusing on building strong, diverse teams. He is known for his motivational skills, particularly during challenging times, and maintains a positive attitude that inspires his team to view obstacles as opportunities for growth.

      Matt’s leadership style is inspirational, as he leads by example, demonstrating a level of commitment and resilience that motivates others to strive for excellence. He is known for his strength and empathy, offering unwavering support to his team while encouraging them to reach their full potential.

      In addition to his professional achievements, Matt Ng is a dedicated philanthropist, deeply involved in social and welfare activities. His commitment to philanthropy is not just financial; he is hands-on in his efforts to help those in need. Matt’s charitable work includes funding educational programs for underprivileged children, supporting shelters and homes for the elderly, and contributing to food banks. He encourages a spirit of giving and volunteerism within his network, mobilizing resources and support for various causes.

      Matt’s empathetic and compassionate nature extends beyond his philanthropic work, as he is always willing to offer support and kindness to those around him. He believes in the power of compassion and actively works towards creating a more inclusive and supportive society.

      In summary, Matt Ng is not just an influential brand consultant and culinary innovator but also an inspiring leader and compassionate philanthropist. His dedication to the F&B industry, combined with his commitment to social welfare and community support, makes him a role model in both his professional and personal life. His approach to business and philanthropy demonstrates that success and compassion can coexist, making him a deserving candidate for recognition and accolades.

    • Prof. Dr. Mahdi Dahmardeh

      Mahdi Dahmardeh is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Tehran. He is also the Head of the Department of English Language and Literature (The University of Tehran Kish International Campus). Another position that he is currently holding is the Vice-President for Development of Management and Resources of the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, The Islamic Republic of Iran.

      Prof Dahmardeh received his BA in English Language Translation. In 2005, the very same year when he received his BA, he went to the UK to pursue his higher education. Prof Dahmardeh received his MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language within 10 months from the University of Lancaster. He then started doing a PhD at the University of Warwick in 2006. Due to the high efforts that he put into his education, he successfully finished his PhD studies within two years and ten months. Prof Dahmardeh has got a PhD in 3 majors; Applied Linguistics, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and Education.

      Between 2015 and 2018, Mahdi carried out a joint research study with Prof Robin Dunbar at the University of Oxford on the Observational Study of Human Conversations – Conversational Behaviour Among Iranians. In 2017, he was awarded a Fellowship by the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS) to undertake a research project on Culture and Teaching Foreign Languages at Korea University.

      In 2021 he was appointed as a Visiting Professor to Korea University and later in 2023, he was invited as a Visiting Professor to the University of Vienna. Mahdi’s specialty is Cultural Linguistics and his interest particularly lies in curriculum development along with research on coursebooks/textbooks for foreign language teaching. He’s also interested in research on the role of culture as well as technology in teaching foreign languages.

      • Mahdi Dahmardeh
      • Vice President of the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education
      • Professor of Applied Linguistics and Education, The University of Tehran
      • Head of Department of English Language, The University of Tehran (Kish International Campus)
      • Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Foreign Language Research (JFLR)
      • Executive Editor, Research Platform Online Journal (RPOJ)
      • Web: http://dahmardeh.com/dahmardeh-mahdi/
      • Web: https://profile.ut.ac.ir/~dahmardeh
    • Dr. (H.C) Low Lay Theng
      Honorary Doctorate in Technology Education

      Low Lay Theng, born on July 8, 1975, in Malaysia, has built an impressive career in the field of visual display technology education, demonstrating innovation, excellence, and leadership. Her journey, starting from an academic background in accounting, showcases her adaptability and impact in both the education and technology sectors. Over fifteen years, she has become a key figure in these fields, known for her resilience and knowledge.

      Her professional path began at ICT Zone Sdn Bhd, where she worked as a purchaser from 2007 to 2011. In this role, Mrs. Low honed her skills in procurement and financial management, effectively navigating complex market dynamics and ensuring operational efficiency. This experience laid the foundation for her future endeavours and highlighted her financial acumen and ability to thrive under pressure.

      Mrs. Low then progressed to a crucial role at Genio Vision Enterprise & Projection Synergy Sdn Bhd, managing accounts receivable and payable from 2011 to 2022. Here, she balanced financial accountability with strategic foresight, crucial for the organisation’s financial health and sustainability. Her commitment to financial integrity and transparency was evident, making her an asset to the company.

      Her educational background, including a Certificate in Accounting from Polytechnic Kota Bharu, obtained in December 2005, equipped her with essential skills for her roles and fostered a lifelong passion for learning and development. Her expertise in negotiation, financial planning, forecasting, and handling high-pressure environments has been central to her career, underlining her operational excellence and strategic approach.

      As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Pro-Vision Academy of Visual Display Technology, Mrs. Low exemplifies visionary leadership. She skilfully blends strategic planning, operational management, and team leadership, fostering an environment of excellence and innovation. Her role involves developing and implementing the Academy’s strategic plan, ensuring alignment with the organization’s vision and mission, and adapting to industry trends and market demands.

      In terms of operational management, Mrs. Low is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Academy, focusing on high-quality training courses and services for projector technicians. Her financial oversight includes budget development, financial transaction management, and compliance with regulations, ensuring the academy’s financial sustainability.

      Her commitment to quality assurance and compliance involves maintaining high standards of training and services, aligning with industry standards and best practices. She also excels in stakeholder management, maintaining strong relationships with industry partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and ensuring effective communication.

      Mrs. Low is dedicated to her team’s professional development, creating a positive, collaborative work environment and providing necessary resources and support. Her business development and marketing skills have expanded the Academy’s services and increased revenue. She also manages facility and equipment to ensure optimal condition and compliance with safety standards.

      Her meticulous reporting and documentation skills involve preparing and presenting regular reports to the Board of Directors, maintaining accurate and up-to-date Academy documentation. Additionally, her risk management skills help protect the academy’s operations and reputation.

      In conclusion, Mrs. Low Lay Theng is an exemplary leader in visual display technology education. Her journey, characterized by resilience, innovation, and excellence, makes her an outstanding candidate for an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Oxford. Her achievements and commitment to advancing the field exemplify her suitability for this prestigious recognition.

    • Prof. Dr. Khalid Lafdi
      Honorary Doctorate in Science & Innovation

      Khalid Lafdi is the wright Brothers Institute Endowed Chait in nanomaterials and nano-Composites. In 2001, he joined the University of Dayton as a professor to lead the nano research activity. He was involved in building the nano research vision at UD, helping to get capital funds to establish a nano-characterization facility from various sources (state or/and federal). In 2004, Dr. Lafdi was responsible for establishing the Nanoscale Engineering, Science and Technology facility at university of Dayton (UD).

      Also, in 2007, He established a new Carbon Research Laboratory (CRL) at UD with permanent research scientists and engineers and graduate students. CRL is directly involved in the processing, characterization and modeling of various aspects of carbon hybrid research. In 2010, he has built a state of the art thermal and energy management laboratory. Also, he established a manufacturing transition facility located at National Composite Center (Kettering, Ohio) to facilitate the scale-up processes and technology transfer.

      His 30 years of experience in advanced engineered materials has enabled his position as principal investigator (PI) and Co-PI on many programs to develop multifunctional composites, biomaterials for scaffolds and implants, thermal and energy management. At this time, he has more than 300 articles and chapters published in refereed journals and 4 edited books in the nanocomposites and thermal management and 4 patents with three major licensed technologies in nano-manufacturing to Nanosperse Inc.

      In the last 20 years the carbon hybrids were the topic of many presentations and papers delivered by Dr. Lafdi and resulted in considerable recognition of his contributions. He has been selected as the American Carbon Society’s George D. Graffin Lecturer. As the society’s carbon “ambassador,” Dr. Lafdi is promoting carbon science and technology within academia and industry throughout the U.S. Dr. Lafdi has been nominated to The Charles E. Petinous award for his carbon research. These positions provide direct recognition and exposure to UD in national and international professional societies. Dr. Lafdi was invited in numerous times to present a 45 minutes plenary lecture, devoted carbon in functional biology.

      The use of graphitic foam as novel implant materials brought a tremendous media coverage. This research was featured in Ivanhoe Medical breakthroughs channel. In this carbon journey, Dr. Lafdi was honored with several awards and recognitions. In 2021, 2022 and 2023, Dr. Lafdi was recognized as one of the top 2% of the world’s most influential scientists, according to Stanford university.

      Dr. Lafdi is actively involved in the academic researches that allow graduate students to be in very competitive area of their interest. He is committed to raise the students’ standards and achievements. As a part of student experience, Dr. Lafdi has established multiple international collaborations with European institutes to foster graduate students exchange and enrich the global research vision in the mind of these young researchers. The carbon research was a great vehicle in attracting top quality students from different departments. These students have contributed to the development of these multifunctional and multi-scale materials.

    • Dr. (H.C) Jenet Foo Sieo Yin
      Honorary Doctorate in Leadership & Innovation

      Jenet Foo Sieo Yin is a distinguished professional known for her diverse contributions across various sectors including graphic design, beauty pageant organization, and property management. She has established herself as a leader in every field she has ventured into, demonstrating a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and professionalism. Her career, marked by substantial achievements and a commitment to excellence, makes her a notable candidate for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Oxford International University & College Committee.

      In the realm of property management, Jenet’s role as the Director of Sentinel Property has been characterized by her ability to adeptly manage complex operations and maintain high standards of client service. Her leadership and foresight have been instrumental in aligning the company’s strategies with industry best practices, fostering strong relationships with clients, investors, and stakeholders. Her tenure at Sentinel Property reflects her exceptional analytical skills, integrity, and commitment to excellence in the property management sector.

      Jenet’s foray into the world of beauty pageants is equally remarkable. She won the Mrs Malaysia World championship in 2015 and subsequently took on key roles in organizing major pageant events. As the chairlady of the Mrs Malaysia World event in 2016, the host of the Mrs Malaysia Tourism Pageant in 2017, and a key organizer in the International Mrs Tourism Pageant in 2018, Jenet showcased her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. Her involvement in these events highlights her ability to manage complex logistics, liaise with diverse stakeholders, and create empowering platforms for women. In 2019, she received the Outstanding Style Icon award at the STYLO Asia Fashion Festival, further cementing her status in the event management industry.

      Jenet’s graphic design background has played a crucial role in enhancing her professional endeavours. Her Diploma in Graphic Design has enabled her to integrate creative design solutions into her projects, enriching her work in event branding and promotions. This skill set underscores her versatility as a professional capable of merging creative and strategic aspects seamlessly.

      In addition to her professional achievements, Jenet has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and social initiatives. As Vice President of the Lions Clubs of Selangor Empire in 2022 and 2023, she was instrumental in organizing the “Guardian 100 Education Program.” This program aimed to empower the next generation by hosting life lecture sessions for primary and secondary school students, focusing on instilling positive energy, excitement for learning, and leading meaningful lives. Jenet’s involvement in these initiatives, including an eye care program benefiting 2000 students, underscores her dedication to making a positive impact on society.

      Her role in community service and her professional successes reflect her belief in using her skills and resources for the greater good. Jenet’s multifaceted career and her commitment to social causes make her an exemplary candidate for an Honorary Doctorate Degree. Her application is supported by her achievements in diverse sectors, her resilience, and her dedication to community service. Jenet Foo Sieo Yin stands as a shining example of excellence and commitment, making her a deserving candidate for recognition by the Oxford International University and College Committee.

    • Dr. (H.C) Irene Khajalia
      Honorary Doctorate in Education

      Irene Khajalia has defied limitations facing disabled individuals, turning challenges into tangible achievements. Excelling in school and later Linguistic University, she continued her education, earning top honours and completing programmes in Law and PR Schools; Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School followed shortly by a PhD from the Georgian National Academy of Science, and a stint as a life coach. Ms Khajalia’s professional journey is equally impressive, marked by her diverse roles as a translator for prominent entities such as the Government Administration, US Embassy, EBRD, and Forbes Magazine Georgia. Her passion for civic engagement led her to the Council of Europe’s Political School in Strasbourg. She broke new ground as the first disabled person to establish an educational centre in Georgia.

      Receiving recognition from peers and earning public respect, Dr. Khajalia founded English Language Centre ETI-2000 to pass her knowledge and skills to younger generations in post-Soviet Georgia. ETI-2000 was first ever language centre in the region achieving the British Council’s exclusive Gold Partner status and Cambridge Assessment English Qualification. The International Swiss Rating Association, and National Business Association of Georgia named the Centre a ‘Leader of the Branch’ for five times, even going so far as to awarding ETI-2000 with ‘The Permanent Leader’ prize. For her outstanding achievements and distinguished service Dr. Khajalia received a special award for ‘Contribution to Education’ by Ministry of Education and Chamber of Commerce of Ajara Region.

      Combining vast experience in language education, coaching, and public relations, Dr. Irene Khajalia joined ETI Holding as Academic Principal, aiming to provide unique training solutions and greater choices for students. Emphasizing common human values, she advocates for educational exchange programmes to shape young global citizens and leaders. This is the key to global success and certainly a ground for opening international borders. The centre has placed dozens of excellent alumni across various fields of study at prestigious universities, colleges, and schools mostly in Britain, the USA, and Europe.

      Diverse attitudes, academic and personal development, involvement in social activities, and fulfilling modern world standards make Dr. Khajalia a value member of the global community. She has recently been offered a position in the International Directorate of the World Women’s Club, and also nominated as the WEDO Ambassador to Georgia. These roles further attest to her commitment to advancing women’s empowerment and fostering positive change on an international scale.
      Dr. Irene Khajalia’s journey from overcoming societal barriers to becoming a global education leader is an inspiring testament to her resilience and dedication. Her impact on the educational landscape in Georgia and beyond showcases the transformative power of education in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all.

    • Dr. (H.C) Hoo Geok Choong
      Honorary Doctorate in AudioVisual Technology

      Hoo Geok Choong, a notable figure in the field of audiovisual technology, has distinguished himself through a combination of technical expertise, innovative leadership, and a commitment to excellence. His impressive career, rooted in a deep passion for technology, has made him a deserving candidate for an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Oxford, endorsed by the Oxford International University and College Committee.

      Born in Malaysia, Mr. Hoo’s early interest in technology led him to pursue a diploma in agriculture engineering from Polytechnic Kota Bharu in 1997. This academic foundation set the stage for his future achievements in audiovisual technology. In 2007, Mr. Hoo embarked on a significant professional journey, joining ICT Zone Private Limited as the Technical Director. During his tenure at ICT Zone, he was instrumental in transforming the company, managing ICT rental services across diverse sectors, and establishing it as a reputable name in the industry. His innovative solutions and leadership skills were key factors in this transformation.

      Mr. Hoo’s career took a new turn in 2019 with the founding of Projection Synergy Private Limited. Under his leadership, the company rapidly became a leading service and repair center for projection systems in Malaysia. His visionary approach and commitment to excellence fostered a positive work environment and led to significant growth, expanding the company’s team to 30 professionals.

      His extensive experience extends to conducting seminars, technology updates, and workshops, primarily for the public sector. Mr. Hoo has delivered over 20 lectures annually from 2013 to 2023, attracting more than 2000 participants each year. His efforts in facilitating the transfer of projection system knowledge and technology from South Korea (2007-2013) and China (2013-present) demonstrate his commitment to continuous learning and skill enhancement.

      In his company, Mr. Hoo specializes in pioneering new methodologies for service, repair, and ultrasonic chemical cleaning of projection systems. He is actively involved in research and development, focusing on innovative methods to expedite service and repair processes. His technical acumen and analytical skills have been pivotal in identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities, leading to the company’s strategic expansion into three additional regional states by 2024.

      Mr. Hoo’s role in Projection Synergy Private Limited transcends technical expertise; he is a visionary leader who constantly explores new horizons in audiovisual technology. His contributions to research and development have not only benefitted his company but have also significantly advanced the industry as a whole.

      As he pursues the Honorary Doctorate Degree from the Oxford International University & College Committee, Mr. Hoo brings a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence to the table. His journey in the field of audiovisual technology is marked by technical mastery, innovative thinking, and an unwavering dedication to his profession.

      In preparation for a leadership and organizational transformation workshop, Mr. Hoo is set to further refine his skills and expand his knowledge. His focus on creating value, driving efficiency, and enhancing employee engagement highlights his readiness for new challenges and his ongoing pursuit of excellence in his field.

      In conclusion, Mr. Hoo Geok Choong’s candidacy for the Honorary Doctorate Degree is supported by his remarkable achievements in audiovisual technology, including his innovative leadership, technical solutions, and transformative impact on the industry. His dedication to lifelong learning and professional growth makes him an exemplary candidate for this prestigious recognition.

    • Dr. (H.C) Kausar Saida
      Honorary Doctorate in English Literature

      Dr. Kausar Saida, a prominent Assistant Professor of General Studies at the Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates is well known for motivating students to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that go a long way in the holistic development of the students. With a Ph. D in English from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India, Dr. Saida brings bountiful wisdom and expertise to the General Studies Department at Higher Colleges of Technology. She has completed the three courses of the Digital Teaching and Learning Series and has been awarded the Certified Expert by the Blackboard Academy. Dr. Saida is also the proud recipient of the FHEA -Fellowship of Advance Higher Education.

      Dr. Saida has a distinguished teaching career spanning over 45 years during which she has successfully instructed courses such as English Language and Literature, Professional Communication, Business Communication, Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Life and Future skills at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Saida’s optimistic nature and empathetic attitude creates a harmonious and healthy relationship between teacher and the student, and this leads to a very good rapport with the students. Dr. Saida is committed to promoting active learning and critical thinking in her classroom, equipping students with the skills necessary to address complex life challenges.

      Dr. Saida is the founder member of Sharjah Women’s Toastmasters Club that plays a dominant role in enhancing the real-world skills. It was a moment of immense pride when two of Dr. Saida’s students exhibited their project titled “ Self-Configured Charging of Electric Vehicles: A Concept towards Electrified Roads at the annual global event Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022 and garnered lots of interest from the local and global audience. The students’ confidence and their enthusiasm in their project served as the catalyst for one of them landing a lucrative job with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and the other one awaiting her orders.

      Dr. Saida is an active researcher and has published in renowned journals, contributing to academic discourse on various fields. In addition to conducting research in language and literature, Dr. Saida’s passion also lies in sustainability and the environment. Dr. Saida’s goals include furthering her research on sustainability, exploring interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues in related fields and continuing to mentor and guide students in their academic and professional pursuits.

      Currently, Dr. Saida is working on the connection between the Harry Potter series and the development of 21st century skills. Furthermore, Dr. Saida’s commitment to sustainability and the environment has her exploring the hospitality industry in one of the Emirates for sustainable practices as well as the initiatives undertaken by the emirates to promote sustainable tourism.

      Being actively engaged in the academic community, Dr. Saida serves on various College Committees and is a member of International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), TESOL International Association, European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing (EATAW), and English Language Teachers Association of India, fostering collaborative relationships within the field. Dr. Saida plays a pivotal role in integrating technology into the curriculum, creating a student-centred learning environment, thus enhancing the learning experience for students.

      Looking ahead, Dr. Saida remains committed to contributing to the academic community through research, teaching and mentorship. A proud member of Higher Colleges of Technology, Dr. Saida is dedicated to upholding the college’s commitment to excellence in education and research. Dr. Saida looks forward to fostering a dynamic environment at Higher Colleges of Technology and contributing to the intellectual growth of students and the advancement of knowledge.

    • Dr. Vincent Yong Chung Shien
      Honorary Doctorate in Brand Management

      Dr. Vincent Yong, born on October 25, 1969, in Malaysia, is a distinguished educator and branding specialist, recognized for his significant contributions to language education and corporate branding. His career is characterized by a relentless dedication to innovation and a profound impact in both education and corporate sectors.

      Dr. Yong’s academic journey is marked by notable achievements. He is a TESOL Certified Professional Trainer from the American TESOL Institute and holds an MBA in Training & Development from Newport University, USA. His pursuit of knowledge led him to PhD studies in Human Resources Development at the Asia Institute of Management Science and culminated in earning a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) in Education and Training Development from the European International University, Paris. His educational contributions have been recognized with an Honorary Fellowship from Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

      In language education, Dr. Yong founded the TCSOL Certification: Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, certified by TQUK. This program, started in 2005, has trained over 30,000 candidates, demonstrating Dr. Yong’s commitment to spreading knowledge and fostering intercultural communication.

      Professionally, Dr. Yong serves as a lecturer at Lincoln Professional Academy, Lincoln University College Malaysia, specializing in the Diploma in Brand Strategy and Management Programme. He holds the presidency of the Institute of Chinese Languages (ICLT) and is the Director of Business Development Asia at the International Han Institute, Taipei. His expertise in branding is further evident in his roles as Branding Advisor at the Asia Excellent Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF), Chief Brand Consultant at HWT Group Malaysia, and Brand Consultant at DJW LABS Sdn. Bhd.

      Dr. Yong’s international experience includes serving as an English lecturer at Fujian Catholic University, Taiwan, and as an advisor to the Chinese Language Education Association. He has contributed to Chinese language proficiency test development and promoted Chinese Teachers Training Programmes at prominent Chinese educational institutions.

      His achievements have been recognized with awards such as the 2015 China Media Education Award, the 2016 China WeChat Media Image Award Top 10, the 2016 China International SME Brand Development Award, and the 2022 International Prestige Brand Award.

      Dr. Yong is a Fellow of several prestigious UK-based organizations, including OTHM Qualifications (FOTHM), the Institute of Administrative Management (FInstAM), and the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (FITOL). He is also a member of the Business Graduates Association, London, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

      As an author, Dr. Yong has published works including the “E-Learning TESOL Guidebook” and books on branding and online marketing, showcasing his expertise and dedication to sharing knowledge.

      In his application for the Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Oxford, endorsed by the Oxford International University and College Committee, Dr. Vincent Yong presents a profile of educational brilliance and professional excellence. His dedication to language education, branding, and continuous professional development makes him an exemplary candidate for this prestigious recognition. Dr. Yong’s career, marked by innovative contributions and unwavering commitment to his fields of expertise, exemplifies his suitability for this honor.

    • Dr. (H.C) Chew Chong Wan
      Honorary Doctorate in Business Management

      Chew Chong Wan is a multifaceted professional with an extensive background in business administration, floral design, and project management, based in Penang, Malaysia. With a diverse array of roles ranging from Vice President of Penang Wedding Professional Association to Creative Director at Ohara Florist Sdn Bhd and Bloomit Enterprise, he has demonstrated versatility and expertise in various fields.

      Educationally, Bryan Chew holds a Master of Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems and Finance from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, where he graduated in May 2000 with a GPA of 3.75/4.00. He also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Highest Distinction) from the same university, majoring in Finance, graduating in May 1997 with an impressive GPA of 3.98/4.00. Additionally, he has been a Certified Instructor of the Ohara Ikebana School in Japan since 1993, showcasing his artistic talents and dedication to the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement.

      In his professional career, Bryan has held significant roles in various organizations. As Vice President at Penang Wedding Professional Association since September 2018, he has worked to promote wedding tourism in collaboration with the Penang Tourism Board. Since May 2010, he has served as Creative Director at Ohara Florist Sdn Bhd and Bloomit Enterprise, managing the company’s research and development, marketing operations, and business development. Additionally, he has been an instructor for Ohara Floral Academy since May 2008, teaching various floral programs, including hobby and professional courses.

      His other notable roles include Marketing Director at Cometworld Enterprise since May 2010, where he managed the marketing division in web development and web hosting services. He has also served as President of the World Flower Council Malaysia Chapter since September 2009, promoting peace through flowers and lifestyle programs in the local community.

      Bryan Chew’s tenure at Ohara Florist Sdn Bhd as Marketing & Production Manager from February 2004 to May 2010 involved managing the company’s marketing and production division to boost sales and revenue. He also imparted his knowledge as a college lecturer at Stamford Disted College in Penang, Malaysia, from July 2005 to June 2009, teaching subjects such as financial and management accounting, economics, and marketing.

      His previous roles include Planning Analyst at Intel Malaysia, Senior Project Executive at E-Business Exchange Pvt. Ltd., Project Analyst/Manager at AT&T Wireless, and Project Coordinator at AT&T Wireless. These positions have allowed him to develop strong analytical, leadership, and project management skills.

      In terms of honours and recognitions, Bryan Chew has received numerous awards, including the High Scholar Award, Superior Scholar Award, and the Golden Key National Honor Society Award. He was also the first Asian to be awarded a Symposium Scholarship in 2017 and has received recognition from Intel Malaysia.

      Bryan Chew is fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Malay, and writes fluently in English, Malay, and Chinese. He is also educated in Japanese language and business culture, adding to his impressive skill set.

      In conclusion, Bryan Chew Chong Wan’s career reflects a unique blend of business acumen, artistic talent, and a commitment to education and community engagement. His diverse roles and achievements across various industries showcase his versatility and dedication to his professional endeavours.

    • Dr. (H.C) Anne McCarron (Murphy)
      Honorary Doctorate in Academic Benchmarking

      Originally worked within the Travel and Tourism sector in various roles, Dr. Anne McCarron moved into the educational sector in 1996.

      She has teaching experience within the areas of Tourism, Business and Sport. Keen interest in the area and methods of delivery and assessment within the educational sector. Primarily worked for a HE/FE institution within the UK. However, have worked for private educational establishment within South Australian schools and HE providers. She is Involved in adaptation of delivery models for FE students, so that learners could maximise their grade potentials. Worked to identify relevant links to external areas and bodies to improve delivery and assessment modes used within the sector primarily tourism education.

      Be part of awarding bodies, she is working in groups to identify current trends and possible improvement in unit content and assessment methods. She became a member of the Chartered Institute of educational assessors in 2016 and became a fellow in 2021. She has experience within a range of areas in relation to education and assessment. Research into various aspects of assessment and the importance of the role within educational environments.

      She has worked for external bodies in line with assessment, delivery and content for apprenticeships and degree programmes. Benchmarking of qualifications with guidance for overseas educational providers.

    • Dr. S.B Thorat is working as a Director at Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society’s, Institute of Technology and Management Nanded, MS since 2001 & prior to this worked as Associate Prof. at B. N. College of Engg., Pusad for 13 years (1988 to 2001) and for 02 years as Lecturer at S.S.G.M., College of Engg., Shegaon (1986 to 1988)
      37 years of Approved experience in Higher Education Ph.D. (Business Administration), MBA (HR & Marketing), Ph.D. (Computer Sc. & Engg.), M.E. (Computer Sc. & Engg.), M.Sc. (Physics with specialization in Electronics), AMIE, LM-ISTE.

      Member of ISTE and Indian congress, Fellow of IETE. Published 104 Research Papers and 3 books. He has presented research papers at various research conferences in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Makau, Hong Kong , UK, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Italy, Australia New Zealand etc as the Key Note speaker & Session Chair. He worked as Dean of Computer studies faculty, Chairmen Ad-hoc board of MCA/BCA, Senate, Academic Council and Standing committee member of SRTM University, Nanded and also worked as Resource person for FDPs at various Universities and working as Vice President of Management Association of MCA Institutes of Maharashtra and reviewer of several journals and conferences.

      Recently he has been nominated as Member of Research & Recognition Committee in the subject Hospitality Studies & Computer Application under the Faculty of Inter Disciplinary Studies of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. Awarded as best Researcher of the year-2016 By WEB FOUNDATION, Hong Kong. He also has Ph.D. guideship of S.R.T.M. University, Nanded, MS, India and R.T.M.N. University, Nagpur, MS, India in the area of Computer Science and Management. So far 11 students completed their Ph.D. under his supervision and 4 students are currently pursuing Ph.D. as well as 2 students have recently completed M.Phil.

    • Dr. Surendra Kumar Sharma is a seasoned educationist and researcher for over 40 years who has been selected for the ‘Life-Time Achievement Award in Education & Research’- one of the key categories of Oxford Awards 2023 (organised by London Study Group, U.K.). He graduated in Physics (honours) from Banaras Hindu University, and later completed Masters in Economics in 1979. Later he was offered a Ph.D. in Econometrics Programme by the LSE; but because of financial constraints, he could not avail of the opportunity.

      Naturally, he joined PhD in Economics at BHU and submitted his thesis on “Population Trends in India with reference to some of their Implications” under the supervision of Prof. D. K. Mishra. His PhD thesis was awarded in 1984. One of the external examiners who commended the award was Dr Ishrat Z. Husain, Division Chief, Health, Education, and Nutrition of World Bank. Since then, Dr. Sharma has been involved in teaching and research in various colleges. He has both academic and administrative experience in conducting national-level seminars on challenging issues that India faces in particular and the world in general.

      Some of the national seminars he convened were “Impact of Economic Policy Reforms on North Eastern States of India” at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, from 27-31 March, 2000, and “Changing Scenario of Higher Education: Conventional versus Professional Courses” during 20-21 May 2012 at Government Girls’ PG College, Ghazipur of Uttar Pradesh. As the Principal, he always felt that his first responsibility was to provide an enabling environment not only to our students but also to our teachers and supporting staff to give them the maximum benefits of higher education.

      He also served as Regional Director of Indira Gandhi National Open University in Patna for two years. He was the founder Regional Director (in charge) who established the Regional Centre at Patna in 1991. He coordinated the academic and administrative functions with all IGNOU study Centres and IGNOU headquarters in New Delhi. He organized many orientation programmes for the academic counsellors of various programmes of IGNOU at Patna. He was highly successful as he proved the relevance of “distance education” by writing different articles in the ‘Times of India’ and leading ‘Hindi Dailies’.

      As Additional Secretary of UP State Higher Education Council, Lucknow, during 2004-05, his responsibility was quality gradation in higher education. He convened many orientation programmes for the Principals of Colleges for assessment and accreditation of their colleges by NAAC, Bangalore. He was also convener of ‘the board of studies’ and also on the ‘research degree committee’ of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur of India.

      Four female students were awarded PhD in Economics on “Population Growth and Economic Development” from 2007 to 2014 under his supervision while he served as Principal of Government Girls’ PG College, Ghazipur. After retiring in 2016, he did not lower his craving for knowledge. With more vigour, he started his participation in ARICON. He contributed a research paper on “Economic Consequences and Overall Implications of BJP Rule in India during 2014-19” in ARICON on Business and Economics at Cambridge during 18-19 November 2019. This was later published in JIBM in 2020. ‘India’s development vis-à-vis developed countries of the world’ is at the core of his heart. He has an unassuming personality. He is a humanist and helps his students in their studies and research activities.


      Nurzarimah Jamil is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the education field. Currently, she is a lecturer and a Head of the Student Affairs Unit at Polytechnic METrO Johor Bahru, Malaysia. She started her teaching career as a teacher, then a tutor and now she is a senior lecturer. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has consistently demonstrated expertise, dedication, and leadership.

      With her educational background in Teaching English As a Second Language (TESL), both for her degree and master’s, her contributions and her commitment to fostering a positive learning environment have earned recognition and admiration from both students and peers. Nurzarimah Jamil has received multiple prestigious awards throughout her career, twice she received the Excellent Service Award awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

      While primarily a lecturer, Nurzarimah Jamil has actively engaged in research activities locally and internationally. Her research publications in respected academic journals, have added depth and credibility to her teaching, inspiring students to pursue research themselves. With her outstanding research, she has been invited as a speaker at various international conferences. Her presentations have been well received for her to be invited to the Parliament of the World’s Religions at Toronto, Canada in 2018 to share her other interests in human unity and world peace.

      Her passion in innovation began with a deep understanding of the challenges facing the students and industries. She assembled a diverse team of experts, each bringing their unique perspective and skill set to the table. The impact of her innovations of “iAktif”, “EasyKitt”, “Puppet Chess” and “Easy Quote Maker” was immediate and far-reaching. Notably, gold medals for these innovations were bestowed upon her innovation, reaffirming its significant and relevance in education and industry.

      Her journey in education and career has been marked by a series of achievements that reflect her dedication to excellence, passion for continuous learning, and a drive to make a meaningful impact. Weather in the realm of academia or student affairs, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of what she can achieve, setting and surpassing ambitious goals along the way. These accomplishments have not only enriched her personal and professional life but also contributed to her growth as an individual who value knowledge, perseverance, and the pursue of excellence.

    • Supriyo Kumar Chakraborty, the Founder & CEO of SA Associates, is a distinguished figure in Education, Career, and Image Consultancy. With over 25 years of experience, his knowledge and expertise in global procedures have contributed to individual and corporate excellence. He has earned a ‘Quality in Business’ certificate from the International Trade Council and previously served as the Chief Education Officer at the Russian Embassy for 12 years. He’s a member of prestigious global associations, a prolific author, and a well-traveled individual. His diverse skills and accomplishments make him a respected figure in education, consultancy, literature, and travel.

      The vision of SA Associates is to expand and empower people’s options, especially students who aspire to study abroad and achieve prosperity. Our mission includes handling foreign candidates’ admission to educational establishments, promoting international cooperation, implementing new educational projects, and upgrading educational standards.

      SA Associates offers a wide range of services, including immigration assistance for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, work and study permits for various countries, visitor visas, interview tips, airport pickup, accommodation arrangements, and comprehensive A-2-Z service. We assist with admission to colleges and universities abroad, provide guidance on scholarships and course selection, help with obtaining student visas, and offer expert assistance for immigrant visas. We also facilitate collaborations between students and universities, as well as offer language support in various languages. We prioritize personalized support, a 24/7 hotline, and ensure clients’ needs are met from start to finish.

      SA Associates addresses the aspiration gap among Bangladeshi students who desire to study abroad due to limitations in the domestic education system. We bridge this gap by offering comprehensive guidance, connecting students with suitable institutions, and assisting them through the entire process of studying abroad.

    • Dr. Hasnain Javed is an academician, entrepreneur, economist, Analyst, and the youngest Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the University of South Asia, Pakistan. He has been associated as Special Advisor for the Ministry of Industries and Production.

      He has successfully executed various critical strategic and research-oriented projects amplifying the socio-economic impact of incubators in Pakistan and is a key member of the entrepreneurial landscape.

      Dr Hasnain has authored 5 books and several columns on economic reforms, international relations, and promotion of the SME industry.

    • Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte, MA Pharm/Nursing, EDD
      VP for Academic Affairs
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

      Doctor of Educational Leadership
      and Management (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte is an educator, a researcher, and a born leader. He is the Vice-President for Academics, Planning, and Development of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA). Through his efforts and dedication, CDSGA gained extensive partnerships with various important agencies such as Commission on Higher Education Region 3 and Technical Education Skills Development Authority Region 3. These linkages opened avenues for CDSGA in terms of scholarship grants under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (R.A. 10931). He is happily married with Dr. Remedios R. Uriarte to whom he had two wonderful children.

    • Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza, DDM, MAEd
      VP for Finance, Chief Finance Officer
      Director for Basic Education
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

      Doctor of Financial Management (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Grace Joy Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza is a born leader, an educator, an entrepreneur, and an innovator. She is the Vice-President for Finance of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), its resident Orthodontist, and the Director of the Basic Education. She is the key-figure in the overall improvement and innovation of CDSGA’s school facilities, Learning Management System (LMS), student development programs, and school’s financial services. Like her parents, Dr. Grace Joy has a caring heart ever ready to help, especially to CDSGA’s employees and students. She is a loving wife to Engr. Allan Mendoza to whom she had four wonderful children

    • Prof. Jemar P. Uriarte, LLB, MBA
      VP for Administration, Planning and Development
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

      Doctor of Community Development (Honoris Causa)

      Sir Jemar P. Uriarte, LLB., MBA, is a civil service officer in the Philippine government’s Department of Finance (DOF). He started his government service at the Office of the President (OP) during the term of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, handling general government, administrative, budgeting and legal matters.

      Sir Jemar (the pogi) is also the Vice-President for Administration of Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA). He is a wholesome college professor who never fails to motivate his Criminology and Accounting students to become righteous individuals and sentinels of truth, justice and fairness. He is happily married to Madame Tiffany Jones V. Uriarte, LLB., MBA, who is also a government officer and presently serving at the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO)

    • Dr. Charlotte P. Uriarte, MD, PhD
      VP for Research Publications and External affairs
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

      Doctor Educational Leadership
      and Management (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Charlotte U. Pai is a born-leader and an advocate of human healthcare. She is a medical doctor by profession, but an educator by heart. She serves as the Vice-President for Research and External Affairs of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA) and as the OIC of the College of Criminal Justice Education. With healthcare improvement as her main goal, she spearheaded the founding of CDSGA’s medical clinic whose mission is to provide quality and caring healthcare services for the people of the community. She is happily married with Dr. Luke Pai whom she had an energetic and happy son.

    • Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte
      Executive Vice President
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

      Doctor of Strategic Leadership and
      Management (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte is an educator, an entrepreneur, and a public servant. She is an active Soroptimists International member and an advocate of human rights. Together with her husband Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte, she founded Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), a school dedicated to serving the less fortunate with quality but affordable education. She had sponsored numerous scholarship grants for less fortunate but deserving students, changing hundreds of lives for the better. She and her husband have received numerous local and international awards, but Dr. Lucina opted for a simpler life surrounded by her children and grandchildren

    • Gabriel G. Uriarte, PhD (3), RPsy
      Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel
      Doctor of Pedagogy (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte is an educator, a clinical psychologist, an entrepreneur, and a servant leader of the people. Together with his wife Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte, they have built Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), a school of transformative education for the community. His four children, Dr. Charlotte U. Pai, Atty. Jemar P. Uriarte, Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza, and Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte, are in one with his noble crusade of uplifting the lives of his fellow Bulakenyos through psychologically innovative, affordable, quality, and caring education. Hundreds of live were changed for the better with CDSGA’s legacy.

    • Mark M. Rocas
      VP for Operations
      Rosary Hills International School

      Doctor of Business Administration (Honoris Causa)

      A graduate of BS in Computer Science with business in computer rentals and software development for 20 years. He is one of the board of trustees and serves as Vice President for Operations and the Corporate Secretary of Rosary Hills International School.

    • Mauricia M. Rocas
      President/ Directress
      Rosary Hills International School

      Doctor of Educational Administration (Honoris Causa)

      She is the President and Directress of Rosary Hills International School who has passion in educating learners and training faculty member. A dedicated educational leader who has received 2 honorary doctorates in humanities and educational leadership and management.

    • Dr. Lita S. Sagun
      Guidance Director
      Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies
      Doctor of Pedagogy (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Lita S. Sagun is a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Registered Guidance Counselor. With 53 years of continuous service – 29 years in the government and 24 years in private educational institutions as a Program Director in Counseling at Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel, Graduate Studies, Head of the Guidance Services of Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies and Educational Consultant of Rosary Hills International School. She has Masters Degree in Guidance and Counselling and Educational Psychology. She also finished Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management. She received Honorary Doctorates in Educational Leadership and Management, Humanities and Doctor of Ministry.

    • Dr. Meric B. Mara
      Mara Linux and Business Solutions, Inc.

      Doctor of Cyber Security (Honoris Causa)

      Dr. Meric B. Mara is a multifaceted individual whose contributions to technology, education, business, and community service have left a lasting impact across various sectors. His academic journey is marked by an impressive series of honorary doctorate degrees from prestigious institutions around the world, including Saint James University, the National Instituto Educando Para a Paz of Jakarta, and the Institute for the Roma Studies of Europe and Research. These qualifications cover diverse areas such as Peace and Humanity Education, Information Technology, Technology Management, and more. Dr. Mara’s professional life is equally rich and varied. Serving as the Chairman and CEO of 8layer Technologies, Inc., and Mara Linux And Business Solutions, Inc., he has demonstrated a clear vision and robust leadership in the technology sector. His passion for innovation and drive for excellence has also seen him honored as the World’s Best Information Technology Innovator in 2023. Beyond his contributions to technology and business, Dr. Mara’s heart lies in community service and socio-civic engagements. Whether it’s serving as the Chairman of the Board for MediaTech Cooperative or founding the Cybersecurity Ethical Hacking Community – Kalasag, his initiatives have consistently aimed at uplifting communities and fostering positive change. Dr. Mara is also an influential voice in the military domain, acting as the Chair for Advocacy and Communication for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, where he focuses on ethical principles and practices. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, with a string of accolades and awards, such as the Philippines’ Empowered Businessman and Inspiring Business Leader Of The Year in 2023 and the Most Outstanding Filipino Servant Leader in 2022. These honors serve to underline his commitment to excellence and service in everything he undertakes. In summary, Dr. Meric Mara is a paragon of academic achievement, technological innovation, and social responsibility. His life’s work is a reflection of his commitment to progress, integrity, and community, making him an influential figure in various aspects of contemporary society.

    • Dr. Maria Emma T. Daga
      IOTA Phi Counseling and Professional Honor Society Inc.
      Doctor of Youth Guidance and Counseling

      Dr. Maria Emma Toboso Daga is a highly accomplished Filipino educator and counselor with a strong commitment to academic and community service. Born in Palo, Leyte, Philippines, she currently resides in NPC Village, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. Emma boasts an impressive educational journey, including a Doctorate in Administration and Management in Education, a Doctor of Divinity, a Master’s in Psychology, and a Master’s in Guidance and Counseling, and others. She is a Registered Guidance Counselor and Professional Teacher, actively participating in international honor societies and national organizations, and contributing to the fields of education and counseling. With a diverse career spanning roles as an Enumerator, Values Education Teacher, Guidance Counselor, and Consultant, she has earned accolades like the Service Awardee from Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society and the Loyalty Awardee from IOTA PHI Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society and others. Maria Emma Toboso Daga’s unwavering commitment to education and counseling is truly remarkable. She continuously enhances her skills through seminars and training programs and contributes to her community as a consultant, resource speaker, and workshop facilitator. Her dedication is commendable.

    • Dr. Flocerfida E. Ayangco
      Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies

      Doctor of School Administration
      and Leadership Management

      Ms. Flocerfida Estrella Ayangco is the Chairman of the Board and President of Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies, Inc. It is a private institution established in 1999 that provides educational services across Basic Education and Tertiary levels. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Assumption. She continued her post-graduate studies with a focus on the Management and Development Program and Strategic Positioning for Education Leaders at the Asian Institute of Management. Her work experience as an Institutional Development Officer of the National Irrigation Administration, and Senior Assistant Vice President at AMA Computer College has provided her with skills, knowledge, and competence in planning, implementation, monitoring, training, and evaluation of corporate operations both national and international. Her 33 years of experience in the academe earned her the degrees of Doctor of Educational Leadership and Management and Doctor of Humanities. She continuously enhances her competence prowess in educational management by attending and involving her subordinates in both national and international settings of training, workshops, and development

    • Dr. Dexter L. Lorenzana
      Milestone Innovative Academy

      Doctor of School Administration (Honoris Causa)

      An achievement-oriented educational leader with a proven track record of excellence, Dr. Dexter L. Lorenzana is the Principal of Milestone Innovative Academy in Quezon City, Philippines for the past 7 years. He is committed to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment for students while simultaneously supporting and empowering teachers and staff. He finished his Doctorate of Education major in Educational Management at the New Era University in 2013.

    • Voivich C. Candelario
      School Administrator
      Milestone Innovative Academy

      Doctor of Humanities (Honoris Causa)

      With an unwavering commitment to educational advancement and administrative competence, Voivich C. Candelario is a young School Administrator of Milestone Innovative Academy in Quezon City, Philippines. A graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physical Science. Also, he is a public high school teacher at Laurel High School.

    • Oxford Award for Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship and Digital Humanities

      Dr Amna Umer Cheema is a PhD in Modern American poetry from the University of Leeds, UK. She is an Elizabeth Bishop scholar. Her cross-disciplinary research in Elizabeth Bishop’s studies led her to her rather recent fascination for Digital Humanities (DH). In 2019, for the first time in any Pakistani University, she introduced the subject of Digital Humanities at the Institute of English Studies, University of the Punjab. Before this time, the subject was never included in any curriculum at a Pakistani university, both state and private.

      Since 2019, she has been teaching the course titled “Introduction to Digital Humanities” to MPhil students and supervising humble research in this field due to the shortage of hi-tech facilities in a state university. During these years, she has received mixed responses from her students and colleagues. The general distaste came from those who feared losing the traditional landscape of humanities or saw it as a way of surveilling the colored people in the Global South.

      Through teaching this course, she has tried to address these problems. By introducing interesting debates about DH, she tried to change the lens of her students, and members of her fraternity. She reached out to the champions of individualism who were unable to visualize the concept of sharing knowledge and collaborating on research.

      By exposing university students to international projects in humanities and English literature, she inspired them to develop their own research projects that are meaningful for her society and the global community. She made them think beyond their bounds to have a cross-disciplinary approach so that they could reach out to the people working in STEM subjects and contribute to public humanities. Largely, her DH class encouraged students to be humane all the time and indulge in constructive discourse among peers by practicing honesty and building trust.

      Through DH, she introduced convergent practices that lead to multidisciplinary research within areas of digital poetics, material sciences, discovery sciences, and social sciences. Due to DH, her literature students have started engaging with laws of thermodynamics, manifestations of entropy, literary video games, etcetera. Identifying DH as a transdisciplinary area of computationally engaged teaching and research, she stimulated her Institute’s first Digital Humanities thesis project in modern American poetry.

      Currently, she has supervised research on Europa Universalis IV games as a method of reinterpreting history. In 2022, she initiated the Institute of English Studies’ personalized website (www.instituteofenglishstudies.asia). With this, she launched the Institute of English Studies’ official podcast on digital storytelling – ‘A Room with a View’ (2022), and ‘The Stories We Are: Excursions to Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Sindh’ (2023). Her vision is to keep encouraging students of humanities to look beyond traditional op