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Formulation of Corporate Strategy

Formulation of Corporate Strategy

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“Where is your organization going and how is it going to get there?” are two fundamental questions that stakeholders ask of any organization. The purpose of our LISD Certified “Formulating Corporate Strategy” training course is to answer these questions and to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience of delegates in three important areas. The first is strategic planning, including developing organizational strategies; defining the outcomes required and measuring success. The second foundation is to understand and apply strategic management tools to ensure smooth implementation. These include understanding the environment, mitigating risk, defining the benefits and creating a roadmap. The third foundation is implementing all the ideas and plans, ensuring that they achieve the original objectives.

Who should attend?

  • Keen learners to Target a Promising Position in a reputable organization

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Create strategies which enable an organization to achieve its vision, goals, and objectives
  • Develop supporting systems and structures to underpin and ensure the success of all strategies
  • Apply relevant measures of progress to enable action to be taken to overcome any challenges to the implementation of the strategies

Course Content

Formulating Strategy to Achieve Vision

  • Agree vision, mission, culture and values of organisation
  • Analyse where organisation is now
  • Decide where the organisation wants to be, and by when
  • Selecting best strategic options to get there

Structures, Processes, and Procedures

  • Budget creation, monitoring, and control
  • Costing techniques and margin management
  • Resource allocation and balancing priorities
  • Creating systems to monitor the effectiveness of implementation

Strategy Implementation

  • Setting long-term goals and manageable short-term targets
  • Building contingencies into the strategy
  • Key Performance Indicators

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