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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is a novel approach and it has gained tremendous interest over the past few years. In recent days, leaders and HR practitioners are paying great attention to using this approach. An organization can make an impact and attain a competitive advantage through enhancing the engagement of its employees. After all, it is the employees who contribute towards productivity and attainment of organizational goals. Their engagement will derive the success of the organizations. Leaders need to realize that in order to have bottom-line effects, they have to engage their employees in the work activities. Engagement is a distinct concept and should be treated differently than other concepts such as employee satisfaction and commitment. We define it as the extent up to which an employee exerts energy at work, feels dedicated and absorbed in work activities. There are different drivers of employee engagement and leaders can focus on them in order to increase the engagement of different groups of individuals. This workshop is designed to describe the engagement process and to equip the participants with different drivers of promoting work engagement. This will help the managers to learn how they can energize their employees and foster their dedication and absorption in work-related activities that will ultimately result in bringing extraordinary results.

Who should attend?

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Learning Objectives

The course is designed to help the participants in meeting the following objectives:

  • To foster employee morale and confidence
  • To improve work productivity of employees
  • To create positive impact on customer satisfaction through engaging employees in their work roles
  • To create superior organizational outcomes

Course Content

Module 1: Engagement Process

  • Reading
  • Video EE Strategy

Module 2: Benefits associated with fully Engaged Workforce

  • Reading
  • Strategies & Real-life Cases

Module 3: Leaders can Engage the Organization

  • Reading
  • Video
  • Multiple Case Studies

Module 4: Measuring Employee Engagement

  • Reading
  • EE Survey Guide
  • EE PPT.

Module 5: Performance Feedback and Corrective Actions to Increase Engagement

  • Reading
  • EE Survey Sample Questionnaire


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