Regional Consultant

Mr. Rabah Chendouh

Regional Education Consultant (GCC/ MENA)

London Institute of Skills Development, U.K

Dr. Atif Javed Qazi

Approved Regional Trainer

London Institute of Skills Development UK
Faculty- University of Jammu, India

Dr. Fathe Elsarmane

Dr. Fathe Elsarmane

Regional Education Consultant (Middle East)

London Institute of Skills Development U.K


Ana Cristina Pratas

Regional Representative Europe

LISD Education Consultant – Higher Education Professional, Distant Education/Online Trainer, Finland.


Del Leslie

Regional Representative Oceania

LISD Education Consultant – Higher and Vocational Education Consultant at Del Leslie Consulting, Melbourne, Australia.

Prof. Ayman Nafady

LISD Education Consultant (Saudi Arabia/ Egypt)


Anaïs Desmaris Mortier

Education Consultant (France & West Europe)

LISD Education Consultant

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