English Language

ESL. 5 Dynamic Presentations & Public Speaking For Managers

ESL5: Dynamic Presentations



The learning sessions will allow those who have mastered basic presentation skills to further their effectiveness through intense practice and feedback focused on developing a more powerful personal style. The workshop will also assist managers and managers-to-be in polishing their presentation and facilitation skills as they refine their leadership communication style.

Course Code:ESL 5
Subject:Dynamic Presentations
Course Fee:£595
Duration:3 Days
Venue:London School of Economics, U.K


  • Organize a presentation with a strong focus
  • Overcome nerves through practice and feedback
  • Increase expressiveness with gesture and body language
  • Adjust content and style to audience
  • Use strong language for impact
  • Create coherent, persuasive presentations
  • Develop a more forceful, dynamic personal style
  • Incorporate humor and interest into presentations
  • Interact with listeners, handle questions and interruptions
  • Take inventory of current skills/challenges: preparation, delivery, interaction
  • Communicate as a manager: train, motivate, influence, pitch
  • Know your personal presentation style
  • Integrate public speaking goals with your personal leadership style
  • Adjust to differing audiences: staff, peers, upper management
  • Handle high anxiety situations such as pointed questions
  • Facilitate cross cultural groups, encouraging active participation
  • Leverage technology with virtual teams
  • Manage audience conflict
  • Control agenda by handling interruptions


This course takes a learn-by-doing approach to improving skills. Participants can expect to deliver both impromptu and planned presentations and to receive feedback from the instructor and fellow participants. Moreover, in this course, participants become team members, giving constructive feedback to each other as each one delivers mock presentations that simulate the challenges they face on the job.


Who should attend?

  • Fresh Graduates
  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate students
  • Keen learners to Target a Promising Position in a reputable organization