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We offer high-quality and professional UK University Admission services to prospective students across the world. We maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and fair practice with our valuable clients and partners.


London Institute of Skills Development- ‘Study, Work & Settle’ project is a proud representative of higher education institutes based in the United Kingdom. We are a unique organization having a dedicated approach towards the welfare of the students and always acts as a bridge between the institutes and prospective students. Our main strength is our experts who are graduated from UK Universities, British Council Education UK Agents Training Certificate, and Partner Agency Certificate ENGLISH UK.

Who We Are

London Institute of Skills Development- ‘Study, Work & Live in Britain’ provides a platform where the students can select their right institutes. Simultaneously, institutes can recruit the most suitable talents for them. We provide counselling to the prospective students based on their career plan, previous qualification, future ambition, expectation, affordability, budget and the entry requirements of the institutions. In the same way, we promote our partner institutes to prospective students and recommend students on their behalf, checking eligibility criteria and other required country-based information. Our education counsellor is always available for our partners and for our clients.

Our members from the education counsellor team are well qualified and selected from diverse backgrounds having international qualifications. Our team has professional skills, expertise and industry experiences in respect of assessing, guiding, selecting and recruiting students for admission deploying their highest professionalism. Very recently we have added a new version team call the in-house compliance team, who are checking local and international students credibility, academic excellence, and taking comprehensive interviews before they proceed forward to the University and ECO. Your comments, recommendations and feedback are highly appreciated which will help us improve our services.

Intake: January, September

Location: York, England

World Ranking: 148th

Students Satisfaction: 85.39%

Graduates Employability: 84.6%

Specialized In: Business/Management, TESOL, Economics, Biology, Psychology

International Fee Range: £17,890 – £24,620

Newcastle University

Intake: January, April, September

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

World Ranking: 178

Students Satisfaction: 83.7%

Graduates Employability: 84%

Specialized In: Computer Science, Business, Media

International Fee Range: £18,000 – £24,000

Intake: January, September

Location: Lancaster, England

World Ranking: 136

Students Satisfaction: 87%

Graduates Employability: 89%

Specialized In: Art, Design, and Drama

International Fee Range: £15,080 – £19,250

Durham University

Intake: January, October

Location: Durham, England

World Ranking: 101 – 200

Students Satisfaction: 80%

Graduates Employability: 85%

Specialized In: Psychology, IT, English

International Fee Range: £17,400 – £22,000

Intake: January, April, September

Location: Liverpool, England

World Ranking: 163 (THE)

Students Satisfaction: 84.1%

Graduates Employability: 88%

Specialized In: Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Chemistry

International Fee Range: £14,300 – £32,400


Intake: January, September

Location: Norwich, England

World Ranking: 200

Students Satisfaction: 81%

Graduates Employability: 77%

Specialized In: Management, Law, Computing

International Fee Range: £16,100 – £9,400

Intake: January, September

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

World Ranking: 401 – 500

Students Satisfaction: 80%

Graduates Employability: 94%

Specialized In: Business, Engineering, Physics

International Fee Range: £13,500 – £20,900


Intake: January, June, September

Location: Glasgow, Scotland, England

World Ranking: 92

Students Satisfaction: 86.4%

Graduates Employability: 85%

Specialized In: Economics, MBA, Law, Sports Science.

International Fee Range: £17,650 – £19,500

Intake: January, September

Location: Woodhouse, England

World Ranking: 160

Students Satisfaction: 84.1%

Graduates Employability: 85%

Specialized In: Business, Engineering, Marketing, Art and Design

International Fee Range: £9,250 – £25,000


Intake: February, March, April

Location: Swansea, Wales

World Ranking: 251 – 300

Students Satisfaction: 89%

Graduates Employability: 86%

Specialized In: Engineering, Geography, History

International Fee Range: £12,000 – £18,450

Intake: January, September

Location: Reading, Berkshire, England

World Ranking: 201 – 250

Students Satisfaction: 84%

Graduates Employability: 95%

Specialized In: Food and health, Agriculture, heritage and creativity, Business.

International Fee Range: ‎£16,475 – ‎£19,815

university of reading

Intake: January, February, October

Location: Bloomsbury, Stratford London

World Ranking: 351 – 400th

Students Satisfaction: 82%

Graduates Employability: 86%

Specialized In: Computer Science and Information Systems Economics.

International Fee Range: £14,000 – £19,020

Intake: January, April, September

Location: Cambridge Campus, England

World Ranking: 301 – 350

Students Satisfaction: 82.6%

Graduates Employability: 77%

Specialized In: Engineering, Psychology, Life Sciences, Applied Linguistics and TESOL

International Fee Range: £13,900 – £16,700

Anglia Ruskin University
Bangor University min

Intake: January, September

Location: Bangor

World Ranking: 601

Students Satisfaction: 87%

Graduates Employability: 92%

Specialized In: N/A

International Fee Range: £12,500 – £15,300

Intake: January, September

Location: Birmingham

World Ranking: 801 – 1000

Students Satisfaction: 90%

Graduates Employability: 97.4%

Specialized In: N/A

International Fee Range: £12,000 – £15,500

Brunel University London

Intake: January, April, September

Location: Kingston, London, England

World Ranking: 351 – 400

Students Satisfaction: 78.7%

Graduates Employability: 79%

Specialized In: Engineering, Health & Medicine, Business, Creative arts.

International Fee Range: £14,400 – £17,500

Intake: January, September

Location: Coventry, UK

World Ranking: 541

Students Satisfaction: 87%

Graduates Employability: 97%

Specialized In: International Experience, Automotive Courses, Engineering, Business and Management, Health and Life Sciences, Art and Design

International Fee Range: £13,250 – £16,700

coventry university
University of Suffolk

Intake: January, May, September

Location: Neptune Quay, Ipswich, England

World Ranking:

Students Satisfaction: 79%

Graduates Employability: 80%

Specialized In: Art and Design, Health, Business, Social Sciences and Humanities.

International Fee Range: £11,790 – £16,380

Intake: January, September

Location: Royal Docks, England

World Ranking: 801-1000

Students Satisfaction: 85%

Graduates Employability: 87%

Specialized In: Sports Science, Architecture Computing and Engineering, Cultural and Media Studies.

International Fee Range: £9,250 – £11,880

University of Gloucestershire

Intake: February, September

Location: Gloucestershire and Cheltenham, England

World Ranking: 1906

Students Satisfaction: 83%

Graduates Employability: 95%

Specialized In: Business, Finance, Computer Science

International Fee Range: £14,700 – £40,000

Intake: January, September

Location: Hatfield, England

World Ranking: 801–1000

Students Satisfaction: 82%

Graduates Employability: 96.5%

Specialized In: Engineering, Nursing, History

International Fee Range: £12,000

University of Hertfordshire

Intake: January, September

Location: Preston, England

World Ranking: 801–1000

Students Satisfaction: 83%

Graduates Employability: 95.5%

Specialized In: Humanities, Management, Science

International Fee Range: £11,950 – £12,950

Intake: January, September

Location: Egham, England

World Ranking: 308

Students Satisfaction: 87%

Graduates Employability: 93%

Specialized In: Computer Science, Business, Law, Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities.

International Fee Range: £9,250


Intake: January, May, September

Location: Bethnal Green, London, England

World Ranking: 110

Students Satisfaction: 80.5%

Graduates Employability: 83%

Specialized In: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Medicine and Density, Drama

International Fee Range: £14,500 – £19,550

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  • Dr. S.B Thorat is working as a Director at Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society’s, Institute of Technology and Management Nanded, MS since 2001 & prior to this worked as Associate Prof. at B. N. College of Engg., Pusad for 13 years (1988 to 2001) and for 02 years as Lecturer at S.S.G.M., College of Engg., Shegaon (1986 to 1988)
    37 years of Approved experience in Higher Education Ph.D. (Business Administration), MBA (HR & Marketing), Ph.D. (Computer Sc. & Engg.), M.E. (Computer Sc. & Engg.), M.Sc. (Physics with specialization in Electronics), AMIE, LM-ISTE.

    Member of ISTE and Indian congress, Fellow of IETE. Published 104 Research Papers and 3 books. He has presented research papers at various research conferences in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Makau, Hong Kong , UK, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Italy, Australia New Zealand etc as the Key Note speaker & Session Chair. He worked as Dean of Computer studies faculty, Chairmen Ad-hoc board of MCA/BCA, Senate, Academic Council and Standing committee member of SRTM University, Nanded and also worked as Resource person for FDPs at various Universities and working as Vice President of Management Association of MCA Institutes of Maharashtra and reviewer of several journals and conferences.

    Recently he has been nominated as Member of Research & Recognition Committee in the subject Hospitality Studies & Computer Application under the Faculty of Inter Disciplinary Studies of Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. Awarded as best Researcher of the year-2016 By WEB FOUNDATION, Hong Kong. He also has Ph.D. guideship of S.R.T.M. University, Nanded, MS, India and R.T.M.N. University, Nagpur, MS, India in the area of Computer Science and Management. So far 11 students completed their Ph.D. under his supervision and 4 students are currently pursuing Ph.D. as well as 2 students have recently completed M.Phil.

  • Dr. Surendra Kumar Sharma is a seasoned educationist and researcher for over 40 years who has been selected for the ‘Life-Time Achievement Award in Education & Research’- one of the key categories of Oxford Awards 2023 (organised by London Study Group, U.K.). He graduated in Physics (honours) from Banaras Hindu University, and later completed Masters in Economics in 1979. Later he was offered a Ph.D. in Econometrics Programme by the LSE; but because of financial constraints, he could not avail of the opportunity.

    Naturally, he joined PhD in Economics at BHU and submitted his thesis on “Population Trends in India with reference to some of their Implications” under the supervision of Prof. D. K. Mishra. His PhD thesis was awarded in 1984. One of the external examiners who commended the award was Dr Ishrat Z. Husain, Division Chief, Health, Education, and Nutrition of World Bank. Since then, Dr. Sharma has been involved in teaching and research in various colleges. He has both academic and administrative experience in conducting national-level seminars on challenging issues that India faces in particular and the world in general.

    Some of the national seminars he convened were “Impact of Economic Policy Reforms on North Eastern States of India” at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, from 27-31 March, 2000, and “Changing Scenario of Higher Education: Conventional versus Professional Courses” during 20-21 May 2012 at Government Girls’ PG College, Ghazipur of Uttar Pradesh. As the Principal, he always felt that his first responsibility was to provide an enabling environment not only to our students but also to our teachers and supporting staff to give them the maximum benefits of higher education.

    He also served as Regional Director of Indira Gandhi National Open University in Patna for two years. He was the founder Regional Director (in charge) who established the Regional Centre at Patna in 1991. He coordinated the academic and administrative functions with all IGNOU study Centres and IGNOU headquarters in New Delhi. He organized many orientation programmes for the academic counsellors of various programmes of IGNOU at Patna. He was highly successful as he proved the relevance of “distance education” by writing different articles in the ‘Times of India’ and leading ‘Hindi Dailies’.

    As Additional Secretary of UP State Higher Education Council, Lucknow, during 2004-05, his responsibility was quality gradation in higher education. He convened many orientation programmes for the Principals of Colleges for assessment and accreditation of their colleges by NAAC, Bangalore. He was also convener of ‘the board of studies’ and also on the ‘research degree committee’ of Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur of India.

    Four female students were awarded PhD in Economics on “Population Growth and Economic Development” from 2007 to 2014 under his supervision while he served as Principal of Government Girls’ PG College, Ghazipur. After retiring in 2016, he did not lower his craving for knowledge. With more vigour, he started his participation in ARICON. He contributed a research paper on “Economic Consequences and Overall Implications of BJP Rule in India during 2014-19” in ARICON on Business and Economics at Cambridge during 18-19 November 2019. This was later published in JIBM in 2020. ‘India’s development vis-à-vis developed countries of the world’ is at the core of his heart. He has an unassuming personality. He is a humanist and helps his students in their studies and research activities.


    Nurzarimah Jamil is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the education field. Currently, she is a lecturer and a Head of the Student Affairs Unit at Polytechnic METrO Johor Bahru, Malaysia. She started her teaching career as a teacher, then a tutor and now she is a senior lecturer. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has consistently demonstrated expertise, dedication, and leadership.

    With her educational background in Teaching English As a Second Language (TESL), both for her degree and master’s, her contributions and her commitment to fostering a positive learning environment have earned recognition and admiration from both students and peers. Nurzarimah Jamil has received multiple prestigious awards throughout her career, twice she received the Excellent Service Award awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

    While primarily a lecturer, Nurzarimah Jamil has actively engaged in research activities locally and internationally. Her research publications in respected academic journals, have added depth and credibility to her teaching, inspiring students to pursue research themselves. With her outstanding research, she has been invited as a speaker at various international conferences. Her presentations have been well received for her to be invited to the Parliament of the World’s Religions at Toronto, Canada in 2018 to share her other interests in human unity and world peace.

    Her passion in innovation began with a deep understanding of the challenges facing the students and industries. She assembled a diverse team of experts, each bringing their unique perspective and skill set to the table. The impact of her innovations of “iAktif”, “EasyKitt”, “Puppet Chess” and “Easy Quote Maker” was immediate and far-reaching. Notably, gold medals for these innovations were bestowed upon her innovation, reaffirming its significant and relevance in education and industry.

    Her journey in education and career has been marked by a series of achievements that reflect her dedication to excellence, passion for continuous learning, and a drive to make a meaningful impact. Weather in the realm of academia or student affairs, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of what she can achieve, setting and surpassing ambitious goals along the way. These accomplishments have not only enriched her personal and professional life but also contributed to her growth as an individual who value knowledge, perseverance, and the pursue of excellence.

  • Supriyo Kumar Chakraborty, the Founder & CEO of SA Associates, is a distinguished figure in Education, Career, and Image Consultancy. With over 25 years of experience, his knowledge and expertise in global procedures have contributed to individual and corporate excellence. He has earned a ‘Quality in Business’ certificate from the International Trade Council and previously served as the Chief Education Officer at the Russian Embassy for 12 years. He’s a member of prestigious global associations, a prolific author, and a well-traveled individual. His diverse skills and accomplishments make him a respected figure in education, consultancy, literature, and travel.

    The vision of SA Associates is to expand and empower people’s options, especially students who aspire to study abroad and achieve prosperity. Our mission includes handling foreign candidates’ admission to educational establishments, promoting international cooperation, implementing new educational projects, and upgrading educational standards.

    SA Associates offers a wide range of services, including immigration assistance for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, work and study permits for various countries, visitor visas, interview tips, airport pickup, accommodation arrangements, and comprehensive A-2-Z service. We assist with admission to colleges and universities abroad, provide guidance on scholarships and course selection, help with obtaining student visas, and offer expert assistance for immigrant visas. We also facilitate collaborations between students and universities, as well as offer language support in various languages. We prioritize personalized support, a 24/7 hotline, and ensure clients’ needs are met from start to finish.

    SA Associates addresses the aspiration gap among Bangladeshi students who desire to study abroad due to limitations in the domestic education system. We bridge this gap by offering comprehensive guidance, connecting students with suitable institutions, and assisting them through the entire process of studying abroad.

  • Dr. Hasnain Javed is an academician, entrepreneur, economist, Analyst, and the youngest Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the University of South Asia, Pakistan. He has been associated as Special Advisor for the Ministry of Industries and Production.

    He has successfully executed various critical strategic and research-oriented projects amplifying the socio-economic impact of incubators in Pakistan and is a key member of the entrepreneurial landscape.

    Dr Hasnain has authored 5 books and several columns on economic reforms, international relations, and promotion of the SME industry.

  • Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte, MA Pharm/Nursing, EDD
    VP for Academic Affairs
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

    Doctor of Educational Leadership
    and Management (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte is an educator, a researcher, and a born leader. He is the Vice-President for Academics, Planning, and Development of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA). Through his efforts and dedication, CDSGA gained extensive partnerships with various important agencies such as Commission on Higher Education Region 3 and Technical Education Skills Development Authority Region 3. These linkages opened avenues for CDSGA in terms of scholarship grants under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act (R.A. 10931). He is happily married with Dr. Remedios R. Uriarte to whom he had two wonderful children.

  • Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza, DDM, MAEd
    VP for Finance, Chief Finance Officer
    Director for Basic Education
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

    Doctor of Financial Management (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Grace Joy Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza is a born leader, an educator, an entrepreneur, and an innovator. She is the Vice-President for Finance of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), its resident Orthodontist, and the Director of the Basic Education. She is the key-figure in the overall improvement and innovation of CDSGA’s school facilities, Learning Management System (LMS), student development programs, and school’s financial services. Like her parents, Dr. Grace Joy has a caring heart ever ready to help, especially to CDSGA’s employees and students. She is a loving wife to Engr. Allan Mendoza to whom she had four wonderful children

  • Prof. Jemar P. Uriarte, LLB, MBA
    VP for Administration, Planning and Development
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

    Doctor of Community Development (Honoris Causa)

    Sir Jemar P. Uriarte, LLB., MBA, is a civil service officer in the Philippine government’s Department of Finance (DOF). He started his government service at the Office of the President (OP) during the term of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, handling general government, administrative, budgeting and legal matters.

    Sir Jemar (the pogi) is also the Vice-President for Administration of Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA). He is a wholesome college professor who never fails to motivate his Criminology and Accounting students to become righteous individuals and sentinels of truth, justice and fairness. He is happily married to Madame Tiffany Jones V. Uriarte, LLB., MBA, who is also a government officer and presently serving at the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO)

  • Dr. Charlotte P. Uriarte, MD, PhD
    VP for Research Publications and External affairs
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

    Doctor Educational Leadership
    and Management (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Charlotte U. Pai is a born-leader and an advocate of human healthcare. She is a medical doctor by profession, but an educator by heart. She serves as the Vice-President for Research and External Affairs of Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA) and as the OIC of the College of Criminal Justice Education. With healthcare improvement as her main goal, she spearheaded the founding of CDSGA’s medical clinic whose mission is to provide quality and caring healthcare services for the people of the community. She is happily married with Dr. Luke Pai whom she had an energetic and happy son.

  • Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte
    Executive Vice President
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel

    Doctor of Strategic Leadership and
    Management (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte is an educator, an entrepreneur, and a public servant. She is an active Soroptimists International member and an advocate of human rights. Together with her husband Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte, she founded Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), a school dedicated to serving the less fortunate with quality but affordable education. She had sponsored numerous scholarship grants for less fortunate but deserving students, changing hundreds of lives for the better. She and her husband have received numerous local and international awards, but Dr. Lucina opted for a simpler life surrounded by her children and grandchildren

  • Gabriel G. Uriarte, PhD (3), RPsy
    Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel
    Doctor of Pedagogy (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte is an educator, a clinical psychologist, an entrepreneur, and a servant leader of the people. Together with his wife Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte, they have built Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), a school of transformative education for the community. His four children, Dr. Charlotte U. Pai, Atty. Jemar P. Uriarte, Dr. Grace Joy U. Mendoza, and Dr. Charles Bryan P. Uriarte, are in one with his noble crusade of uplifting the lives of his fellow Bulakenyos through psychologically innovative, affordable, quality, and caring education. Hundreds of live were changed for the better with CDSGA’s legacy.

  • Mark M. Rocas
    VP for Operations
    Rosary Hills International School

    Doctor of Business Administration (Honoris Causa)

    A graduate of BS in Computer Science with business in computer rentals and software development for 20 years. He is one of the board of trustees and serves as Vice President for Operations and the Corporate Secretary of Rosary Hills International School.

  • Mauricia M. Rocas
    President/ Directress
    Rosary Hills International School

    Doctor of Educational Administration (Honoris Causa)

    She is the President and Directress of Rosary Hills International School who has passion in educating learners and training faculty member. A dedicated educational leader who has received 2 honorary doctorates in humanities and educational leadership and management.

  • Dr. Lita S. Sagun
    Guidance Director
    Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies
    Doctor of Pedagogy (Honoris Causa)

    Dr. Lita S. Sagun is a Licensed Professional Teacher and a Registered Guidance Counselor. With 53 years of continuous service – 29 years in the government and 24 years in private educational institutions as a Program Director in Counseling at Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel, Graduate Studies, Head of the Guidance Services of Asia Pacific College of Advanced Studies and Educational Consultant of Rosary Hills International School. She has Masters Degree in Guidance and Counselling and Educational Psychology. She also finished Doctor of Education Major in Educational Management. She received Honorary Doctorates in Educational Leadership and Management, Humanities and Doctor of Ministry.